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We are an NGO providing services to ageing and differently abled population to live independently and age gracefully.

Our commitment is to serve our clients, families and our community.

Our roadmap is to Train-the-Trainers with our newly developed curriculum.

We provide training to teachers, interns, student trainees, and parents.

We provide counseling, education, vocational training for differently abled individuals in order for them to develop independent living skills.



YVI (Yohan’s Vimukthy Institutions), is a non-profit organization that aims to assist ageing, developmentally disabled and mentally challenged adults to reach their highest potential of independent living. Through our overarching curriculum, we provide a path for our students to realize independence in all aspects of daily living habits. Some of these aspects include preparing meals, laundering clothes, maintaining hygienic practices,  as well as more communicative habits such as tending to a yoga, meditation, garden and expressing oneself through music, dance, drama and humour. 


YVI is committed to serving our clients and their families, our community, our state, our country and our world by providing education for their well-being.

ILAGA is an institution to implement the curriculum by the Trainees, to develop Independent Living Skills and achieve Gracious Ageing. 

Training-The-Trainers program develop curriculum based on CDSMP, GCM and Counseling Psychology. We provide Training to the Trainers, Teachers, Social Workers, Interns, Parents  and their families through our developed curriculum.

Vegetable Garden


Garden Soil


Our Motto is "Being Here and Now" and providing "Unconditional Love". Five principles specify the level of service we commit to provide in our relationship with the world. They are:

  • Guiding through Passion

  • Unconditional Love

  • Empathy

  • Face-to-Face communication

  • Attainable Approach

YVI is an international human services organization started in 2016 and currently providing services in Kerala state.

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