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ILAGA aims to achieve Sustainable Development Goal number 4, which is "Education" 

​Curriculum based on Self Management, Geriatric Care Management and Counseling Psychology

  • Training The Trainers (T3)

  • Teachers Training, Students Training, Community Training, Parents and Family Training

  • Independent Living Skills Training

  • Independent Living Skills Training for Self Management.

  • Curriculum Developed by a Psychologist for Emotionally Challenged, Differently Abled and Aging Individuals.

  • Techniques Used 

  • Self Management Workshops, Group, Individual and family counseling.

  • Therapies - Family Therapy, Individual Therapy

  • CBT, REBT, Music, Dance, Drama, Laugh and Yoga.

Trainees intern at ILAGA during or after Training


Trainees look for Employment status after the Training


Life Skills Training for Independent Living and Graceful Aging

    • Learning and using the Resources

    • Goal Setting Action Plan - Brainstorming

    • Importance of Sleep - Understanding Sleep Cycle

    • Nutrition Food Pyramid and Calorie count

    • Exercises for good Health - Yoga, Dance and Physical

    • Understanding Maslow's Hierarchy of needs

    • Understanding family, traditions, values and culture - Understanding family tree

    • Improving Self confidence via connecting and associating with environmental resources

    • Improving Self Esteem

    • Self Actualisation

    • Understanding Learning Styles

    • Strategies to improve concentration and procrastination

    • How to improve memory

    • Managing anxiety, stress and time

    • Improving Interpersonal Communication

    • Dealing with flight or fight behaviour

    • Learning Public Speaking Skills and Improving confidence

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