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Are you looking to make a positive change in your life or would you like to understand your feelings in more depth? 

Leverage individual counseling, group counseling, meditation, and specialised therapeutic tools like yoga, music, laughter, dance, naturopathy and ayurveda through our customised sessions to realise optimum well-being. 
Indian and International clients can
access specialised stays provided for interdisciplinary and holistic treatment approaches

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About Dr. Sal Chacko

Dr. Sal Chacko believes that when providing psychotherapy, it is very essential for a psychotherapist to give due consideration to the client's cultural background and family orientation. This understanding provides a more empathetic healing and an enhanced outcome.

She has over 20 years of experience as a direct client-centred mental health rehabilitation specialist in the USA. Through her work as a case manager, counseling psychologist, Clinical Service Specialist and Director of Social Services, she hypothesized and later proved that therapy is far more effective when the therapist is able to accurately correlate individual differences with the unique characteristics of their client.  She founded Ilaga which focused on providing research and experience-backed methods for training and education towards independent living and graceful ageing. She has developed a curriculum using counseling theories, for geriatric care management, and disease self-management for training the trainers. She has been implementing the developed curriculum for more than 7 years in private practice. She is an active member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and has specialized in Geriatric, Individual, group and family therapy. Her counseling style of therapy uses a 'person-centred', existential-approach and shows influences from Adlerian theories. She provides Cognitive Behavioural therapies (CBT), REBT, as well as group/family therapies. She is experienced in therapies for grief and loss where her work has helped individuals and their families understand the value of end-of-life care and advanced directives. Her work has impacted clients across the age spectrum including older adults, young adults, parents and families.

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